Prints are BACK!

A selection of fun and colourful signed prints are now available in my store! CLICK HERE to order yours today! These also make for excellent gifts, you can even get them personalised! 6x9" Prints BatmanCatwomanFlash & SupergirlHarley & JokerHellboyInvincibleJustice LeagueRey & BB-8Rick & MortySpider-Man & VillainsSuicide Squad Harley QuinnStar Wars Original TrilogySupermanSwamp ThingTeenage Mutant Ninja... Continue Reading →

October 2020 Daily Art Challenge

To start getting used to working purely digitally with my new Huion graphics tablet, I decided to challenge myself to draw a new piece of character art for every day of October! My Instagram followers did an amazing job suggesting characters for the month, and playing with different art styles was great fun.

#SixFanArts Challenge 2020

Thought I'd take a crack at this creative challenge that's been making the rounds on social media. I was given lots of really fun suggestions from my Instagram followers, it was actually pretty hard to decide who to go with! But ultimately it was a great exercise and let me play with some techniques and... Continue Reading →

Whiskers McFadden is getting Remastered!

I'm thrilled to announce that the long out-of-print Whiskers McFadden #1 is finally making a come back! The refreshed first issue will feature remastered artwork, with crisp anti-aliased lineart and new lettering on every page. And to compliment the quality of this new printing -- brand new cover art! Whiskers McFadden will be back in... Continue Reading →

Website Upgrades!

I've just launched a Ko-fi page! If you'd like to support my art and help me improve my current studio setup, CLICK THIS LINK! And for those waiting on Forged #2, GOOD NEWS -- copies will be available very soon in my webstore! Keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram for a quick preview.

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