#SixFanArts Challenge 2020

Thought I'd take a crack at this creative challenge that's been making the rounds on social media. I was given lots of really fun suggestions from my Instagram followers, it was actually pretty hard to decide who to go with! But ultimately it was a great exercise and let me play with some techniques and... Continue Reading →

Whiskers McFadden is getting Remastered!

I'm thrilled to announce that the long out-of-print Whiskers McFadden #1 is finally making a come back! The refreshed first issue will feature remastered artwork, with crisp anti-aliased lineart and new lettering on every page. And to compliment the quality of this new printing -- brand new cover art! Whiskers McFadden will be back in... Continue Reading →

Website Upgrades!

I've just launched a Ko-fi page! If you'd like to support my art and help me improve my current studio setup, CLICK THIS LINK! And for those waiting on Forged #2, GOOD NEWS -- copies will be available very soon in my webstore! Keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram for a quick preview.

Forged #2 – The Adventure Continues!

I'm super-excited to announce that the second issue of my fantasy adventure comic FORGED is in pre-production! The incredibly talented Michael Eckett has been writing the script as Peaty and our guild of heroes meet for the first time, and even in the first draft I can assure you it's absolutely hilarious and loads of... Continue Reading →

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