Ryan Jenkyns is a graphic designer, illustrator and comic book artist, with over a decade of professional experience!

Most recently, Ryan leant his skills as lead graphic designer and animator at Red Candy UK – a colourful and witty online department store, selling an enormous range of quirky home decor and playful giftware.

As a graphic designer, Ryan’s work for Orbital Comics helped the world-famous comic retailer to win a prestigious Eisner Award at 2016’s San Diego Comic Con. His passion for design inspired him to build his own line of superhero costume patterns, under the banner of Frontier Costuming, which now has a strong following in the international cosplay community.

Ryan’s roots in animation and illustration led to his first independent comic title, Whiskers McFadden – a retro sci-fi adventure for all ages. In 2017, he became co-creator of fantasy adventure series Forged, written by Michael Eckett.

Ryan frequently shares his latest artwork online, and can be followed on Instagram, Artstation, Twitter, and Facebook!

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